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        1. IHSAA Staff

          Staff of the Iowa High School Athletic Association

          Tom Keating
          Executive Director
          Email: tkeating@
          A native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Tom was named executive director in 2019 after more than 40 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator in Iowa. He began as a teacher and coach at Maxwell before becoming the head coach for 11 state championship volleyball teams at Wahlert, Dubuque while serving as activities director. He was most recently principal and then president at Xavier, Cedar Rapids. An avid fan of Philadelphia sports teams, Tom and his wife Jodi have three adult sons: Kevin, Tim, and Ryan.
          Meet Tom
          Jared Chizek
          Assistant Director
          Email: jchizek@
          Sport Administrator: Cross Country, Track & Field, Swimming, Baseball
          Other Duties: Eligibility, Awards, Wrestling Weight Management, Sport Statistics.
          Jared is a Manson native who joined the IHSAA in a full-time capacity in 2012. Prior to joining the staff, he was a multi-sport coach and official. He and his wife enjoy attending different sporting events around the Midwest.
          Meet Jared
          Chad Elsberry
          Assistant Director
          Email: celsberry@

          Sport Administrator: Golf
          Other Duties: Student Leadership, Governor’s Scholar, Marketing, Sponsorships, Pride Challenge, Outreach & Development.
          Chad joined the IHSAA in 2000 after serving as a newspaper editor in Iowa and Minnesota. He is a former instructor at DMACC and enjoys photography, reading, golf, and travelling for good BBQ. He lives in Ames with his wife and daughter.
          Meet Chad
          Todd Tharp
          Assistant Director
          Email: ttharp@

          Sport Administrator: Football, Bowling, Soccer, Baseball
          Other Duties: Eligibility, Calendars, Classifications, Enrollments, Coaching Education, Concussion Training, Cooperative Sharing Agreements.
          Originally from Marion, Todd joined the IHSAA staff in 2005 after 16 years in public education as an English teacher, coach, and athletic director. He and his wife Angela have three boys: Brett (married to Morgan), the late Connor, and Mason.
          Meet Todd
          Jessica Morgan
          Director of Finance
          Email: jmorgan@

          Accounting, School Reimbursements, Ticketing, Employee Payroll, Benefits.
          Jess is an Ames native who joined the IHSAA in 2013. She enjoys running and reading. She lives in Boone with her husband and two daughters.
          Meet Jessica
          Lewie Curtis
          Director of Officials
          Email: lcurtis@

          Sport Administrator: Wrestling
          Other Duties: Education, Training, Recruitment, Retention for Officials, Ejection Reports
          A native of Williamsburg and graduate of Cornell College and UNI, Lewie joined the IHSAA in 2016 after 29 years as an educator, coach, and administrator at Underwood. He coached Underwood’s wrestling team to Class 1A state championships in 1999 and 2000. He and his wife Julie have three grown children: Bryan, Taylor, and Olivia. He likes pi ñ a coladas and getting caught in the rain.
          Meet Lewie
          Chris Cuellar
          Communications Director
          Email: ccuellar@

          Media Relations, Publications, Website, Social Media, Halls of Fame, Sports Records and Archives
          Chris is a Park View native who joined the IHSAA in 2017. A former sports reporter and recreational athlete, he enjoys traveling, reading, and pie. He lives in Bondurant with his wife and dog.
          Meet Chris
          Laura Brooker
          Asst. to Director of Officials
          Email: officials@

          Registration, Data, Management, Contracts for Officials, Officials’ Banquet
          Laura is a Glidden-Ralston graduate who made Boone her 1分11选5投注 in 1991, joining the IHSAA family in 2003. She enjoys weekend getaways with her husband, kayaking, and spending time with family. She is a proud Nana to three grandsons.
          Meet Laura
          Chelsea Clark
          Administrative Assistant
          Email: cclark@

          Enrollments, Calendars, Participation Surveys, Accounting, Concussion Education, Cooperative Sharing Agreements
          Chelsea is from Boone and joined the IHSAA in 2009. She is married and has two children: daughter Chloey and son Jaydon. She enjoys running and attending her children’s activities.
          Meet Chelsea
          Amy Hopkins
          Administrative Assistant
          Email: ahopkins@

          Assistant to Executive & Associate Directors, Event Coordination, Tournament Plaques, Reception
          Amy joined the IHSAA in 2002. Prior to that, she taught cosmetology and esthetics in Ames. Amy teaches 1950s style dancing during the Winter Dance Party each year at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake. Amy has four kids and lives in Boone.
          Meet Amy
          Elisa Kahler
          Office Manager
          Email: ekahler@

          Operations, Mailings, Publications, Sport Support, Membership Entries, Office Supply
          When not at the IHSAA office or state tournaments, Elisa enjoys traveling, attending sporting events, gardening, and spending time with family. She has been a Boone resident for over 40 years. Elisa and husband Ron have two sons, Adam and Jeremy (married to Gina), and one grandson, Sterling.
          Meet Elisa
          Tim Latta
          Digital Print Specialist
          Email: tlatta@

          Printing, Publications, Design, Tournament Plaques
          Tim is a lifelong resident of Madrid, joining the IHSAA in 2010. He and his wife Debbie have three children and four grandchildren. In their spare time they enjoy attending their grandkids’ events, bowling, golf, and riding bikes.
          Meet Tim
          Kim Mechura
          Administrative Assistant
          Email: kmechura@

          Awards, Foreign Exchange, Wrestling Support, Governor's Scholar, Reception
          Kim is a Sioux City native who joined the IHSAA in 2009. She previously worked in banking for 22 years and her passion is dogs, including taking care of three of her own and helping foster hospice dogs. She lives in Boone with her daughter and son.
          Meet Kim
          Chuck Brittain

          Coordinator of Basketball Officials


          Get to Know the Iowa High School Athletic Association