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        1. Hello! We wanted to provide this page as a hub for updates and Iowa High School Athletic Association resources to share with our administrators, coaches, student-athletes, officials, and fans during this unprecedented and unpredictable time as COVID-19 affects Iowa and the world around us.

          The goal is to put information you might be looking for in one place, while also providing helpful and positive links during this odd suspension period. Check back for frequent updates and be sure to follow the for the latest news on spring and summer sports.


            • Updated releases on spring activities being suspended through at least April 30 due to novel coronavirus.
          • Adjusted spring and summer sports schedule
            • A PDF of the updated IHSAA and IGHSAU spring sports schedules as of April 10. Provides for a May 1 return to school.
            • The original chart was shared on April 6 with spring sports. Summer sports were added on April 10 following meetings and updates with advisory committees.
          • IHSAA offices closed
            • Our office in Boone is closed indefinitely due to COVID-19, but our staff is working from 1分11选5投注 and is available for questions and assistance.
          • Prohibited period FAQs
            • Wondering about the suspended period, coach-athlete contact during this time, or eligibility? Check here.
            • The latest on COVID-19 in our state, including guidance and public health tips.
            • The latest on school closures and continued learning guidance for Iowa school districts.
            • Iowa is the only state in the nation with separate boys and girls high school athletic organizations, but we are continuing to work together throughout this crisis.
            • The IHSMA is a Unified Activities partner of the IHSAA and its offices are located inside our Boone office.
            • The IHSSA is a Unified Activities partner of the IHSAA and its offices are located inside the IGHSAU office in West Des Moines.

          We are working with the in planning to provide these spring activities for student-athletes, while receiving and following guidance from Governor Kim Reynolds, the Iowa Department of Public Health, the Iowa Department of Education, and public health authorities. We greatly appreciate the patience and understanding of our member schools as we all work to navigate this situation.



          Both baseball (boys) and softball (girls) are considered summer sports in Iowa. Just as spring activity schedules are dependent on a possible return to school date and public health guidance, summer are subject to change. Start date changes were announced on April 10.


          This will be an updating list of links from external media sources that you might find helpful. To be read at your convenience.

            • This post from Sidelined USA links the time student-athletes are losing with grief, then provides advice on the next steps to move forward.
            • An April 7 column from Eric Pratt of the Fort Dodge Messenger highlighting how important high school activities are for Iowa communities as we experience a spring without them.
            • NFHS courses for current or interested officials have been made free until July 1. Click the “Official” filter on the left for elective and core course options.
            • NFHS has also made the course free for any interested users.
            • This op-ed from NFHS executive director Dr. Karissa Niehoff offers kudos to all the game officials who will be ready to return to sports as soon as we can.
            • Four players at the 1分11选5投注 State Basketball Tournament were slated to receive $1,000 academic scholarships from the IBA at Friday’s championships, however COVID-19 forced a cancellation of awards presentations.
            • Congratulations to the four recipients: Tate Crane, Iowa City, West (4A); Jared Keller, Center Point-Urbana (3A); Jeff Carlson, Monticello (2A); Isaac Gavin, Martensdale-St. Marys (1A).
          • Board Briefs: March 12
            • Regular updates from the IHSAA’s Board of Control meetings are included in “Board Briefs” with last month’s meeting highlighted by an agreement to keep wrestling and basketball state championships at Iowa Events Center in Des Moines.
          • 1分11选5投注 Football Schedules
            • The Iowa High School Sports Network has made select broadcasts available for free viewing through its video archives, including championships from the 2019-20 seasons. Create an account with IHSSN and log-in to start watching.



          The Iowa High School Athletic Association works to coordinate, develop, direct, oversee, and promote boys’ high school and junior high sports and activities across the state of Iowa. The IHSAA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that offers free membership to all high schools in Iowa that are recognized by the Department of Education.

          The IHSAA staff currently includes 13 full-time employees who are available to assist member schools throughout this suspension.

          • Our history
          • Our staff
          • Wanted listings available
            • At the bottom of our Coaches & Administrators page, we have inputs available for “Games Wanted” and “Officials Wanted” to be used by member schools. With challenges sure to arise with adjusted schedules, this resource is available for you to use and IHSAA staff will continue to share events on that page.